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ACP - CS14 carbon setting resistor

ACP - CS14 Kohle-Einstellwiderstand

With the new CS14 series, ACP has brought to the market a carbon trimmer with full 360° rotation, so not stops at the beginning of end. This new model offers a convenient alternative for a range of applications.

  • CS14 carbon setting resistor
  • 14mm rotary position sensor with 360ºmechanical rotation angle
  • Vertical adjustment Through Hole and SMD configurations
  • Electrical angle up to 330º
  • Standard linear taper featuring up to 3% absolute linearity (2% under demand).
  • Custom tapers available
  • Configuration as position sensor can reach up to 1.000.000 mechanical cycles
  • Configuration as function control can incorporate up to 17 mechanical detents with no adjacent overlapping voltages or up to 50 detents for feeling, with up to 10.000 turns.
  • Wide range of rotors and shafts

Datasheet (english)