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Printed Circuit Boards

For manufacturing circuit boards, we have entered into a partnership with two companies. All the circuit boards are electronically tested. Of course we also supply small quantities and individual items. In urgent cases we also offer an express supply and delivery service.

Range of circuit boards

  • One-sided circuit boards
  • Double-sided circuit boards
  • Multilayered circuit boards
  • Flexible circuit boards
  • AluCore, high frequency

Surface properties

  • Cu, HAL - Hot Air Levelling
  • Selectively gilded
  • Chemical nickel / gold / silver
  • OSP - Organic Surface Protection
  • Solder resist, removable solder resist
  • Carbon conductive paste, masking seals

Process manufacturing

  • Max. PCB size: 610 x 535 mm
  • Thickness: from 0,2 mm to 4,0 mm
  • Intermediate layer thickness: 0,1 to 1,6 mm
  • Min. gap between conductor paths: 50 µ
  • Finished bore diameter: 0,10 to 6,35 mm


Quality control

  • Microsection
  • AOI, X-Ray
  • Electronic testing

Adherence to the following norms:

  • IPC-A-600
  • UL conformity

Required documentation

Gerber and Excellon data